Understanding pH

In simple terms, pH is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a substance such as fruit juice, baking soda, battery acid, drain cleaner, water, etc.

For example, the pH levels for water refer to the concentration of Hydrogen ions (H+) measured against the other concentration of Hydroxyl ions (OH-).

When water contains more Hydrogen ions than Hydroxyl ions, the water is considered acidic.

When water contains more Hydroxyl ions than Hydrogen ions, the water is considered basic or alkaline.

When there are an equal amount of Hydrogen ions and Hydroxyl ions, the water is considered neutral (pH 7.0).

pH levels are primary factors to almost every form of chemistry in our world, from the products we create, the foods we eat and particularly our health.

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A non-optimal diet based on processed foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol and many forms of carbohydrate-rich foods quickly push our pH levels into the acidic range. This can open the door for many biochemical malfunctions and overall health-related problems.

Maintaining optimal pH levels for healthy body chemistry is vital!

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