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What is Nanosilver? | Full Video Documentary

SilverLungs has put together a very detailed documentary of "nanosilver" and its origin including all of the details concerning what it is and if it is really something "new" in the colloidal silver market. This is our first video in an ongoing video series and we invite you to subscribe to our official SilverLungs YouTube Channel so you can be informed of our upcoming videos as we release them.

You can watch the full "nanosilver" documentary here

Mike Adams SilverLungs Testimonial

Firing Back!

Silver solution manufacturers have a vested interest in discouraging you from producing your own silver solutions right from home.

We have provided a full and informative report in defense of producing your own silver solution with the SilverLungs Generator and why you should finally break your independence from silver solution manufacturers!

Read the full report


Mike Adams SilverLungs Testimonial

Colloidal Silver Seizure!

NaturalNews | "Governments Seize Colloidal Silver Being Used To Treat Ebola Patients"

    There is a high probability that the colloidal silver solution market may be restricted from sale soon. We are concerned this also suggests a push to restrict the sale of devices that produce colloidal silver solutions as well.

Please be aware we cannot provide medical advice of any nature due to Federal laws that govern the "Dietary Supplement" market. We must also decline that the above news release implies our product to be a therapeutic treatment of any sort.

Mike Adams SilverLungs Testimonial
Mike Adams Testimonial for SilverLungs

    "What's really cool about the SilverLungs deluxe kit is that it includes a vaporizer which allows you to inhale silver vapor directly into your lungs as a way to kill bacteria. I believe this is a powerful cure for many types of pneumonia, and if today's doctors had any sense at all, they would be using colloidal silver to save lives in hospitals and clinics. The outright censorship and oppression of colloidal silver is one of the most astonishing stories of oppression in the history of medicine and science, and one day I have no doubt that silver will finally be widely recognized as powerful medicine that can save lives.

The SilverLungs Generator product is really impressive because it allows you to make your own colloidal silver for mere pennies per serving. I believe this device could save countless lives during every flu season when respiratory disease spreads through the population.

I also believe that having one of these devices could be truly lifesaving in the event of the release of an infectious disease bioweapon of some sort, which will no doubt attack the respiratory system. Inhaling colloidal silver particles directly into the lungs, as part of a vapor, is probably the most effective way yet discovered to kill bacteria in the lungs. Antibiotics can't even approach the effectiveness of this. But, of course, antibiotics make loads of money for the drug companies, and that's why hospitals push antibiotics instead of silver." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

Mike Adams SilverLungs Testimonial
Particle Size Lab Analysis

Laboratory Results | "nanoComposix" of San Diego, CA

4/6/12 | We have just received our latest TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) particle size analysis from "nanoComposix" in California and are providing this analysis to you. Our particle sizes are amongst the smallest in the industry (as small as 1.9 nanometers) with an average size of 8.4 nanometers.

We have run multiple lab analysis of our main competitors and clearly show the smallest (confirmed) silver nano-particles by comparison. Click here to view the full size document on our web site.

Pure Metallic Silver | The particles produced from The SilverLungs Generator are true colloidal particles of pure silver metal and not "compounds" of silver and oxygen (i.e. silver oxide) as produced in bubble-stirred silver generators. Bubble stirring results in the formation of silver oxide (AgO) rather than pure metallic silver particles. This is the result of "drying" the ions with continuous air saturation within the solution during production. Silver oxide is absolutely not true colloidal silver but rather a compound of silver and oxygen. Silver oxide (AgO) is a very unstable form of silver and will decompose quickly in the biology of the body into silver ions and free oxygen. The silver ions will then be met by chloride at every turn as the body is riddled with chloride ions. This will result in the formation of another silver compound called silver chloride. Silver chloride (AgCl) is one of the weakest and most diminished compounds of silver and will remain as (AgCl) during their stay in the body.

Do not be misled by smaller particles sizes purported in silver oxide type solutions as these are not true colloidal silver solutions and do not carry the stability of pure metallic silver particles once administered.
TEM Lab Analysis
Mario Cifaldi on the "Mike Rivero Show" (7/7/11)

Michael Rivero is a talk show host. Michael was born in Boston and spent his childhood in New Hampshire. He launched, initially called Rancho Runamukka, in 1993 after the Vince Foster murder.

Until late August 2010, Rivero ran the Whatreallyhappened radio show on GCN, airing six days a week. He also frequently spoke about political affairs with radio host and Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show. From August 23rd 2010 Rivero airs his show at Republic Broadcasting, running from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Central Time. As usual, podcasts will be available. Mike Rivero was named The Anti-Neocon of the month August 2007 by for his years of work exposing zionist infiltrations and israeli lies and deceptions on his web site. His WRH website is among the top ten ranked daily political news sites on the Internet. Rivero is highly critical of the governments of Israel and the infiltration of United States policy by Dual Citizen. Rivero often says on his radio show that "America needs politicians that put America first, second, and third." He is also notable as the host of a radio show.

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mike rivero
Colloidal Silver Banned in Europe!

Please Note: There is no current ban on "devices" that make colloidal/ionic silver yet. Thus, we are still shipping worldwide to all territories including the EU while still possible.

The Ban: Tiny silver ions and particles (traditionally called "colloidal silver") has been officially banned in The European Union through Codex Alimentarius. As of the first day of the new year of 2010, colloidal silver can no longer be sold as a dietary or nutritional supplement in health food stores within The European Union.

Is the United States next?

Pure silver and it's various compounds have been used as a natural anti-bacterial element since the dawn of time. There has been endless research spanning well over the past 100 years concerning silver as a proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-pathogenic natural element of the Earth.

When pure silver is divided into nano-sized particles and ions, silver (being a transition metal) chemically assists the process of "oxidation", which in effect directly and indirectly works against pathogenic media.

Common metals that we consume daily in our foods and nutritional supplements are iron, copper, nickel, chromium, calcium, zinc, selenium, boron, vanadium, cobalt, etc. Our bodies are designed to use and transport metals effectively through ion channels and other pathways where various metals enhance our cells, health and vitality.

Now that The Europe Union has targeted the sale of colloidal silver supplements, we see the immediate need to prepare for the same fate to arrive in the United States. Having the ability to create colloidal silver solutions in the comfort and privacy of our home becomes a potential concern.

There is a strong chance that silver generating devices could fall under similar rulings at a future time, yet no such laws or regulations have been made public yet. There could not be a better time than now to protect yourself against the continuing "agenda" to remove alternative dietary supplements from the general population.

The SilverLungs Generator is a professional-grade colloidal silver generator and lung-delivery system as well as a complete solution allowing for silver to be directly delivered to the eyes, ears, nose, skin, digestive system as well as into the lungs. Lung-delivery is unsurpassed for bio-availability into the bloodstream. Breathing a silver solution also targets the respiratory system instantly and directly through inhalation. No other manufacturer of colloidal silver generators offers a complete solution for direct delivery throughout the entire body as well as the proper UV protected glassware and applicators required to preserve and protect yourself-produced silver solutions.

The SilverLungs Generator

colloidal silver generator
  colloidal silver generator
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