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Breathing silver. Why breathe colloidal silver?

Breathing Colloidal Silver

Why would you breathe colloidal silver?

The upper and lower respiratory system are the first lines of defense for airborne pathogens and viruses. The SilverLungs (pH) System infuses the respiratory system with your self-produced nano-silver solutions. Breathing a silver solution ensures that airborne bacteria, pathogens and viruses in the lungs or nose are immediately exposed to the silver through the nebulization process.

Breathing (nebulizing) your self-produced silver solutions is a very straight-forward and simple process.
Breathing a silver solution is also the fastest delivery method into the bloodstream. Nebulizing completely bypasses the time involved for absorption through the digestive system and removes the interaction of the positively-charged silver ions with other contents in the stomach such as Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) which forms an impure compound of silver called silver chloride (AgCl).


The "ultrasonic" Nebulizer

The high quality "medical-grade" nebulizer we offer is virtually silent as it is based on "ultrasonic" technology rather than a traditional noisy air-compressor. Ultrasonic water particulation is the most superior method of generating water particles as small as 1.5 microns in diameter. The nebulizer is easy to operate and very ergonomic. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery pack for emergency situations as well as an automobile power adapter for use on the road or when traveling.

Breathing Silver (not just for the lungs)

While it may seem that using a nebulizer to deliver a silver solution to the lungs (solely) is the only functional reason to breathe silver, it is often overlooked that much of the nebulized silver content will be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, just as oxygen is, during normal respiration. This rapid introduction of silver into the blood, without the longer time involved in the oral ingestion method, is a distinct advantage.

Because an adult alveolus has an average diameter of 200,000 nanometers, with an increase in diameter during inhalation; silver particles and ions produced by The SilverLungs (pH) System - at less than 50 nanometers in size - can easily cross the alveolar sacs bringing them directly into the blood stream.

If immediate blood delivery is the intended goal for your silver solutions, oral consumption has a number of disadvantages such as:

- The loss in time for systemic absorption
- The silver solution being mixed with the food contents of the stomach and bound up
- The agglomeration that occurs in the harsh and acidic stomach environment

Agglomeration is the process in which the nano-sized silver clumps together to form much larger particles of silver, causing the loss of the original small size and surface area potential prior to being consumed. Regardless of how stable a silver solution is within a storage container, that stability changes immediately upon entering the acidic stomach environment.

The primary goal of a silver solution (concerning quality) is to ensure that the silver content is as small as possible and remains as small as possible once ingested by any method. There should be no doubt that the integrity (concerning the original small size before oral ingestion) of any silver solution will undergo some degree of agglomeration due to the drastic shift in the stability once mixed with the acidic environment of the stomach. Stored (i.e. pre-ingested) silver solutions that are of high quality are in a state of equilibrium where factors such as the net-charge, zeta potential and pH levels are responsible for the silver content (remaining) small and separated during its time in storage. When mixing a silver solution into the highly acidic stomach with other chemicals and multiple digestive reactions occurring, it is assured that the original stability of the solution will be lost (to some degree at minimum) causing agglomeration. On the other hand, by breathing/nebulizing a silver solution through the lungs and directly into the moving/systemic blood stream, the inherent problem of a slow moving and extremely acidic stomach environment is completely avoided. In addition, breathing introduces the silver content beyond the lungs (through the alveolus) where the blood pH is much closer to neutral (between 6 pH and 8 pH.)

Another method of introducing silver into the bloodstream, is "sublingual absorption" (under the tongue) through the buccal mucosa but, the time required for the silver content to enter the blood stream has the disadvantage of being very slow and therefore less practical when compared to breathing/nebulizing.

In summary, introducing the silver content directly into the bloodstream through the lungs is a much more efficient way of ensuring that the original integrity of the silver solution and its particle sizes are not only preserved, but also immediately available, having bypassed the myriad of functional disadvantages through traditional oral/gastrointestinal absorption.

Is Silver a Toxic "Heavy Metal?"

The general public has come to associate "heavy metal" with "toxic metal" when this is not the correct definition. This simple misnomer of terminology comes from the fact that some heavy metals (do) carry a very well documented toxicity, yet there are a few heavy metals that are actually required and essential to our daily lives such as iron and copper (both being heavy metals.) Silver is a non-toxic metal that can be ingested safely (in reasonable concentrations) into the body when in its pure elemental form.

When researching toxicity reports for silver, toxicity to silver has only been observed in the form of silver "compounds" such as:

- Silver Nitrate (AgNO3)
- Silver Bromide (AgBr)
- Silver Sulphadiazine "SSD"
- Silver Fluoride (AgF)
- Silver Sulphate (Ag2S)

- Silver Carbonate (Ag2CO3)

None of these "compounds" apply to The SilverLungs (pH) System as it is designed to create pure silver ions and nano-particles suspended electro-statically in your self-produced solutions.

Administration Types

The most effective way of delivering silver particles and ions directly to the sinus cavities.

The best method of distributing the silver instantly to the inner lining of the lungs and into the bloodstream.

This is the simplest and most common method for delivery to entire digestive and circulatory system.

Eyes and Ears
Applying drops of ionic silver to the eyes and ears is the most direct method for reaching the eyes and ears.

External & Topical
The most direct application of silver to burns, cuts, scrapes, lesions, rashes, blisters, etc.

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