Nebulize Colloidal Silver

The upper and lower respiratory systems are continually exposed to airborne pathogens and viruses.

Breathing a silver solution allows the respiratory system to be targeted instantly and directly!

nebulizing colloidal silver

The SilverLungs nebulizer is virtually silent based on the latest "ultrasonic" technology rather than traditional noisy air-compressor types.

1.5 micron water vapor

Ultrasonic technology generates water droplets as small as 1.5 microns!

colloidal silver nebulizer


colloidal silver nebulizer

comes with a rechargeable battery pack for emergency situations.

Not just for the lungs!

While it may seem that directly targeting the lung tissues is the only reason to breathe silver, it is often overlooked that much of the silver content will be absorbed instantly and directly into the bloodstream!

instant bloodstream delivery

Direct bloodstream delivery through the lungs protects the ultra-small silver particles from growing into large and less-effective complexes.

Problems with oral administration

- poor systemic delivery -
- large silver complexes formed -
- rapid particle growth -

Always remember that the primary concern when administering a silver solution is to ensure that the silver particles remain as small as possible.

Nebulizing a silver solution is a fast and easy approach to ensuring the original particle sizes are delivered.

Silver under the tongue?

Another method of introducing silver into the bloodstream is through sublingual absorption, yet the time required for the silver to enter the bloodstream is far too slow when compared to nebulizing.

sublingual colloidal silver