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Advancing colloidal silver delivery further, SilverLungs has pioneered an innovative lung delivery system as an optional accessory to the generator kit.

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Breathing a colloidal silver solution targets the respiratory system directly and allows for instant bloodstream delivery through the lungs.

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Consumers Beware!

Silver solution companies will always try to convince you that their silver solution is "like no other" and must be produced in an advanced laboratory. They simply can't have you know that you should be producing your own silver solutions right from home!

Laboratory Analysis

The 8.4 nm average particle sizes shown in our analysis are based on particles of pure silver.

silverlungs particle size

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Beware of particle size claims of .0008 micron and 0.8 nm!

These particles are not pure metallic silver particles (i.e. colloidal), but rather silver oxide particles.

Explained: Silver oxide particles are incidentally formed during the TEM Microscopy process when the water is removed from a test sample of silver solution before analysis. Removing the water is required for this type of microscopic imaging which forces the left over silver ions (ionic silver) to combine with free oxygen. These new silver oxide particles are found to be .0008 micron or 0.8 nm in size.

This false reporting tactic is used by other companies that analyze ionic silver solutions rather than true colloidal silver solutions.

Silver ions and silver oxide particles are not the same as pure metallic silver particles termed "colloids."

Colloidal and Ionic Silver

The word "colloidal" is the most misrepresented term for almost all silver solutions produced today.

The general consumer only knows one word; colloidal. It's safe to say that most consumers have never even heard the term ionic which is what most silver solutions actually are.

Silver solution manufacturers realize that the general consumer does not know the word ionic and would never risk labeling their silver solution anything other than colloidal silver.

Proper Terminology

Colloidal Silver is properly defined as a solution of silver particles. A silver particle is two or more silver atoms.

Silver particles are pure metal that are not ionic nor bound to anything else. When they are in certain size ranges, the silver particles will shift the color of the solution to yellow and then to brown if the concentration increases towards 100 PPM and greater.

yellow colloidal silver

Ionic Silver is properly defined as a solution of silver ions. Silver ions are positively charged atoms of silver and are the smallest form of silver. Ionic silver solutions are always colorless.

ionic silver