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There is a high probability that the colloidal silver solution market may be restricted from sale soon. We are concerned this also suggests a push to restrict the sale of devices that produce colloidal silver solutions as well.

Please be aware we cannot provide medical advice of any nature due to Federal laws that govern the "Dietary Supplement" market. We must also decline that the above news release implies our product to be a therapeutic treatment of any sort. Please do not call or e-mail for information concerning any condition, illness or disease. We absolutely cannot comment.

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Copyright © 2009-2013 SilverLungs. All Rights Reserved. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We do not seek to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Our goal is to provide the highest quality silver dissolving devices and accessories to meet your interests. Nebulizing silver into the lungs does not imply this to be a medical treatment nor can we claim this to be in order to clearly meet the "dietary supplement" guidelines set forth by the FDA, EPA and/or the Department of Public Health.